About us

I am a veterinarian and have for the last 12 years

worked as active veterinerian for small domestic animals with special training in cardiology.


When our family five years ago got its first little brown labrador puppy we where instantly sold on this race. We now have two beloved princesses Carla and Sally. They live the free life on our farm in the beautifull southern sealand where allso our three cats enjoy life.







As a dog owner, I quickly found that it can be difficult to find exquisite accessories

of high quality for our dearly beloved four legged friends .


Our much loved dogs should not sleep in our beds, but they should be as comfortable as us. I started to investigate wich options there were for accuirering high quality bed filling. Only the best was good enough. Soon it got out of hand, and there was prototypes and beds with different kinds of foam and textiles everywhere in the living rooms. The textiles should be beautiful but also able to withstand the wear and tear of dog claws. Two demands not easily fulfilled at the same time it appeared. But I succeeded.

And the dogs love their beds, our boys likewise .


The idea for pottery bowls sprang from the frustration of not being able to find

a foodbowl that: was not made from plastic, would not be bitten to pieces, was not noisy or had enormous logos on the sides. I love ceramics, both new and old, and have over the years made quite a good collection. Why not design a ceramic bowl for the dogs? And with help from highly skilled potters we are now producing

a beautiful and very simplistic, hand-thrown ceramic dog bowl.



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